We are focused on Casting, Machining and Assembly of Aluminum parts (high pressure casting, gravity casting and forged) iron casting, steel forged parts and injection molding components.

Quality is our essential component and it is possible with:

Capable and reliable production processes
Severe quality controls
Continuous improvements thanks to operators training

Endurance offers to its Customers a complete service: from the projecting to the prototyping, from the industrialization to the production.

  • Projecting: working station with UG ,Pro E, Catia, VisiCAD and in-house casting simulation with Magma & ProCast
  • Prototyping: traditional sand casting prototyping and rapid prototyping with Lasersynt technologies.
  • Industrialization: more than 50 years of experience working with the main European Carmakers
  • Production: high performing machining equipment.

Endurance and Veicoli
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