European Holding Company

Endurance Overseas is the European Holding Company that manages the European Companies of the Group. All plants three in Germany and five in Italy, are focused on automotive market and our business is connected with the most important Carmakers.



Located in Lombardore with a covered surface of 34.000 sqm, focused on automotive market, the core business is the machining and pre-assembly on aluminum castings, cast iron and forged parts.


Foundry & Machining

Producer of  high pressure casting parts for automotive and truck market, have two plants located in Chivasso one dedicated to the casting and the other to the machining with a covered surface of 25.000 sqm, and a third one located in Grugliasco operating in the aluminum pressure casting sector, with a covered surface of 5.000 sqm


Foundry & Machining

Founded in 1967 as sprayers manufacturer for pressure die casting machines. This quickly led to the need to introduced the process of pressure die casting. Plants are located in Massenbachhausen, in Heilbronn area, with a total covered surface of 18.600 sqm


Molding & Assembly

Established in 1975 in Turin as plastic parts manufacturer for automotive and electronic market.
With a covered surface of 10.000 sqm, Endurance Engineering is one of the leading Company in injection molding and assembly.

Endurance Overseas Srl is a wholly owned subsidiary Company of Endurance Technologies Limited, the leading Company of Endurance Group. With an objective of strengthening foothold in the European markets, the management of the operating overseas Companies has been centralized at Endurance Overseas Srl.

As a long-term strategic move Endurance Overseas has gradually absorbed the responsability of the other European Companies of the Group:
Endurance Amann (since 2006), Endurance Fondalmec (since 2007), FOA (since 2012) and Endurance Engineering (since 2014).

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