Endurance Overseas is deeply involved and willing to be part of a better world, and believes that profits have to be made respecting the social, cultural and economic environment in which operates. Our respect for People and Environmental Safeguard is developed in an integrated system of Compliance to the most relevant International Standards.

A culture of responsibility is part of Endurance Overseas business model, because we believe that the true value of an international Company is also determined by its level of environmental awareness, respect for people, fair and transparent conduct in commercial relationships, positive contribution to local communities, and aware that success can only be sustainable if it is achieved ethically.

This Corporate commitment is fundamental, because we can only be effective in our actions if everyone is involved, aware that the way we work and live today will determine next generations’ future.

ioaderisco-csr-piemonte-endurance-overseasEndurance Overseas supports the dissemination of the Corporate Social Responsibility culture through a “CSRPiemonte” project: “IO ADERISCO”.

Endurance has been entered into the CSRPiemonte register of local responsible holdings, whose objective is to contribute to the creation of a modern and competitive entrepreneurial system, committing itself to transferring its good practices and virtuous experiences.

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