• Bione Plant – Via Conca d’Oro 14/A, Bione (BS)
  • Chivasso Plant n.1 – Via Regione Pozzo 26, Chivasso (TO)
  • Grugliasco Plant – Via Morandi 9 Grugliasco (TO)
  • Massenbachhausen Plant n.1 – Jahnstraße 19, Massenbachhausen

In Europe, we have currently 65 fully robotized cells with presses ranging from 400 t to 2.700 t, 60% of which have a clamping force of more than 1.000 t.

We have in house the T5 heat treatment and we manage different types of alloy (secondary and primary).

Each foundry has quality control rooms equipped with X-RAY machine and spectrometer, in Chivasso and Massenbachhausen Plant we have also the CT scan machines.


  • Chivasso Plant n.2 – Via Fratelli Bonaudo 11, Chivasso (TO)
  • Lombardore Plant – Via del boschetto 2/43, Lombardore (TO)
  • Massenbachhausen Plant n.2 – Benzstraße 1, Massenbachhausen
  • Massenbachhausen Plant n.3 – Daimlerstraße 31, Massenbachhausen

Depending on the type of product, the material and the volume required, we have more than 100 single and multi-spindles machining workstations and more than 50 specific systems.

We have integrated systems in the dedicated lines to perform leak tests, in-line controls, and different assembly operations.

In each plants we have different metrology rooms with several CMM machines and with white rooms for the cleaning test.


  • Torino Plant –  Via Rodolfo Morandi, 9 – 10095 Grugliasco

We have 35 presses from 50 to 650 t and more than 40 years of experience using different types of techno-polymers.

We have dedicated lines to perform welding, leak tests, in-line controls, and different assembly operations.

A laboratory is dedicated to perform 3D measures and static and dynamic balancing.

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