Bione Plant

Brief history

Formerly Fonpresmetal GAP.
It was founded in 1916 in Lumezzane (BS) to realize cutlery in Alpaka alloy and in 1926 started the production of Al products. In 1992 and in 1996 new productions sites were opened in Lodrino and in Agnosine.
In 2000 the production locations were moved and integrated in the actual plant.
At 7th Jan. 2019 the Company merged its operations into Endurance Group with the name of Endurance Casting.


Covered surface:
13.000  m2 – 90 workers

Chivasso Plants

Brief history

Formerly FOA
It was founded in 1949 in Rivoli (TO) as producer of pressure casting parts for automotive and truck market. During the last 50 years it has been direct supplier of FIAT Group.
Consequently to its grown, in 2010 the operations were moved in the actual plant of 14.000 sqm located in Chivasso (TO) and were installed the first machining equipment.
In July 2012 it was acquired by Endurance Group.
In December 2014 new buildings (10.000 sqm) were bought in the same Chivasso area. Here, during the 2015 were moved the machining capacities and installed the sandblasting activity (Chivasso Plant n. 2).

Covered surface:

Chivasso Plant n.1 (foundry)= 14.000 m2
Chivasso Plant n.2 (machining)= 10.000 m2
160 workers in total

A third Plant (5.000 m2)  in the same zone was acquired in 2019, the area is under preparation to install additional capacity surface of 18.600 sqm .

Grugliasco Plant

Brief history

Formerly Fondpress.
It was established in 1948 in Grugliasco (TO) as a mechanical workshop for the design and manufacturing of molds and dies. Exploiting the experience acquired in the die design, a pressure casting shop was set up in 1958.
For over 40 years it was direct supplier of FIAT Group.
In order to guarantee the continuity of the Company at the end of  90’s, the Family Owner looked for a new investor and in 2000 it was acquired by Fondalmec that, at that time, had only machining capacity and was intentioned to grow also in casting.
In 2007 Fondpress , along with its owner Fondalmec, became part of Endurance Group and in September 2013 it has been merged in FOA.


Covered surface:
7.500 sqm
55 workers

Lombardore Plant

Brief history

Formerly Fondalmec.
It was established in 1976 in Chivasso (TO) as part maker for the industrial and earth moving market sector.
Consequently to its significant grown, in 1989 Fondalmec moved to Lombardore in the actual location where continued year after year its expansion. In 2000 Fondalmec bought Fondpress, a HPDC foundry located in Grugliasco.
In 2007 Fondalmec became member of Endurance Group (100% of the acquisition concluded in 2010).
In December 2014 it were acquired a new area in Lombardore closed to the existing sheds to build additional 10.000 sqm in 2015 and 6.300 sqm in 2018.
EF is specialized in the machining of aluminum, iron casting and steel forged parts for automotive market.


Covered surface:
40.500  m2
220 workers

Massenbachhausen Plants

Brief history

Formerly Amann Group.
It was founded in 1967 in Massenbachhausen as sprayers manufacturer for pressure die casting machines and in 1971 started the production of aluminum pressure die casting parts at; in the 1992 there was a first expansion in the foundry meanwhile in 1995 a second plant was dedicated to the machining activities.
In 2006 AMANN Group became member of Endurance Group and in 2007 the name was changed firstly into AMANN Druckguss GmbH then in Endurance AMANN.
In 2016 a third plant was build in the area to increase the machining capacity.


Covered surface:
Plant n.1 (foundry)= 11.800 m2
Plant n.2 (machining)= 5.500 m2
Plant n.3 (machining)= 6.200 m2
225 workers in total

Torino Plant

Brief history

Formerly Grana.
It was established in 1975 in Turin as plastic parts manufacturer for automotive, electronic, white, packaging and toys.
At the end of 2010 started the collaboration with Endurance Fondalmec for a project related to an engine cover metal replacement (from AlSi9Cu03 to PA6.6 GF35).
At 1st  April 2014 the Company merged its operations into Endurance Group with the name of Endurance Engineering.


Covered surface:
11.000  m2
66 workers

Information about our Grugliasco Plant reorganization
We are pleased to inform you that in the month of January 2021 we will definitively close our foundry production in Grugliasco Plant. Read more