Fonpresmetal born in 1916 in Lumezzane (Brescia) and ten years later begin to produce aluminum components.

In 1983 become S.p.A. In 1994 obtains ISO 9000:2 certification (3rd foundry in the field), after the expansion of the headquarter in Lumezzane & the opening of a new production site in Brescia Province.

In 2000 the current production site of Bione (Brescia) was opened; all the other sites were reunited in the new one. In 2004 the company obtains  ISO-TS certification (11th foundry in Europe).

In 2018 starts the negotiation for the acquisition by Endurance Group.


Endurance Castings S.p.A.

Bione Plant
Italy 25070 Bione (BS) – Via Conca d’Oro, 14 – 14/A