Endurance Overseas Research & Development

Endurance has the capacity to support the Customers in all the project phases, from the design to the mass production, offering prototype services and a large experience to industrialize in the best way the new components.

FEM and Casting analysis

About FEM analysis, Endurance Overseas can use:

HyperMesh: FEA Pre-post processor, general purpose

Radioss A: Linear static, modal and buckling analysis

Optistruct: Structural optimization (topology and topography)

HyperStudy: General purpose parametric optimization, DOE, robust design

Some applications already developed at Endurance Overseas:

  • Stress-strain analysis, modal analysis on engine covers
  • Stress-strain analysis on various components like pipes, brackets, supports

About casting process analysis, Endurance has in house the capability of developing HPDC  components choosing the best process set-up.

Our experience combined with the last software generation allow us to optimize the product design to minimizing the risk of porosity, shrinkage and deformation.

During the development phase we have the possibility to compare the casting simulation with the real result using our CT scan machines in order to refine and to improve our software settings.


Moldflow analysis

Starting from 2010 Endurance Overseas has approached to a diversification process in order to introduce injection molding technology to widen its capacity to provide complete solutions. Based on a current ongoing projects injection molding simulation methods have been introduced (Moldflow analysis)

The experience in engine parts and injection molding technology makes Endurance Overseas the proper partner for design and production of native engine plastic components or re-engineered parts from metal to plastic.


Design, Construction and Prototyping

Activities focused on:

  • Clamping fixtures
  • Specific gauges
  • Leakage test benches
  • Assembling instruments


All fixtures made and tested internally using dedicated machines.

Prototypes made with Computer Aided Manufacture system (parts used by Costumers for engine tests validation). We have in-house cleanesses test equipment to perform analysis of the washing performance of our washing machines.

ICARO Project

ICARO (Industrialisation of CAsting pROduts), with the patronage of the Piedmont Region, is a project started in the R&D Center in Chivasso (Italy) with the aim to test new processes and develop innovative solutions to be transferred to mass production and to train operators in new technologies.

Here some examples of activities tested:


IPCEI – Battery housing

The European Commission has approved, under EU State aid rules, an Important Project of Common European interest (“IPCEI”) jointly notified by Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Sweden to support research and innovation in the common European priority area of batteries.


The project will involve 17 direct participants, mostly industrial actors, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The direct participants will closely cooperate with each other and with over 70 external partners, such as SMEs and public research organizations across Europe.

Endurance is willing to exploit its technological know-how, developing innovative battery modules housing for automotive application designed for easy assembling/dis-assembling and re-use in other fields of application, for lower environmental impact and better materials management and recycling.