Industry 4.0 concept .Industry graphic sign and blue tone of aut

Industry 4.0 projects

Endurance is an active part in market trend analysis and implementation of Industry 4.0 projects.

Main topics:

  • “Impacts of alternative Propulsion Systems for Hybrid & Electrical Vehicles on the Aluminium casting Supply Chain” G. Cipolla/ C. Mus (46th Faro Meeting, 19/20 October 2016 – Bergamo)
  • “Foundry 4.0 – Digitizing in Foundry” C. Mus (AIM day casting Center, 23 March 2017 – Bergamo Kilometro Rosso)
  • “Global vehicle industry outlook, after the Brexit and US Presidential votes: focus on forecast confidence levels and assessing risk” P. Kelly/ C. Mus (47th Faro Meeting, 06/07 April 2017 – Imola).
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