and Capacity increase

Since 2006 Endurance Group invested in the European Plants into new equipment, technologies and skilled people to improve and enlarge its capacity & know-how.
A complete refurbishing of the presses was made with a progressive replacement of the lower tonnage presses with medium and high tonnage presses.
n°2 presses 2.500 t, n°1 press 1.600 t and n°1 press 2.200 t in Germany
n. 2 presses 2700 t, n. 1 press 2400 t, n. 2 presses 2150 t, n. 3 presses 1.750 t,  n. 1 press 1600 t, n. 1 1350 t, n. 2 presses 1100 t, n° 1 press 900 t, additional 3 presses 1750 t forecasted by the end of 2016 in Italy.


A complete restructuration of the foundries was realized both in Germany and Italy: new furnaces, with the possibility to manage different alloys, including Silafont, internal heat treatment (in the German foundry), new degassing stations, fully robotized presses, new X ray & CT 3Ddevices, vacuum systems, new tool room facility in Germany with stress relieving equipment.

Acquisition in July 2012 of the company FOA located in Italy → HPDC foundry and machining.
in 2013 realization of new covered surface of 3.500 for the machining plant in Lombardore, Italy.

New European R&D centralized office
Launch of the injection molding division
New business area: from April 2014 Endurance Engineering.

In 2015 realization of a new plant with covered surface of 10.000 sqm for the machining plant in Lombardore.

Acquisition of 2 new plants in Chivasso, one for the sandblasting process (insourcing activity), one for the machining.
Increase of the machining area in Germany

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