European Holding Company

The presence of Endurance in Europe  starts in 2006 with the acquisition of the German Company Amann Druckguss GmbH  and  is strengthened in 2007 with the takeover of  Fondalmec Spa Shares.

On these two companies, during the last years  Endurance has based its commercial strategy in Europe expanding its product portfolio and becoming a partner of the main European OEM.

Endurance  has increased its presence in Italy by acquiring two other foundries, Foa in 2012 and more recently Fonpresmetal GAP in 2019, in order to verticalise and secure the production of aluminum components. It currently has 65 fully robotized cells with presses ranging from 400 t to 2.700 t, 60% of which have a clamping force of more than 1.000 t. For machining, depending on the type of product and the volume required, there are more than 100 single and multi-spindles machining workstations and more than 50 specific systems located in 4 different plants.

To be ready to re-engineer some of the powertrain product families and according to the needs to reduce the weight of vehicles, in 2014 Endurance acquired a company for plastic molding and successfully undertook the production of components in techno polymers.

Endurance delivers more than 30.000.000 of components every year, most  of which are ready to be assembled on cars, and is present on about 1/4 of the vehicles produced in all Europe.

Endurance Overseas Srl is a wholly owned subsidiary Company of Endurance Technologies Limited, the leading Company of Endurance Group. With an objective of strengthening foothold in the European markets, the management of the operating overseas Companies has been centralized at Endurance Overseas Srl.

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