On May 16th  at the Motor Village digital store in Turin, was held the 9th AICQ National Conference on Health and Safety concerning the adoption and application of the ISO 45001 standard in organizations in a sustainable perspective.

It was a great opportunity to verify the innovations introduced by the standard through theoretical interventions but above all through testimonies and operational practices with the aim of generating the involvement of people and the creation of a widespread well-being through effective leadership.

ENDURANCE has been invited to actively participate to the conference in order to report its ISO 45001 certification experience. By seizing this opportunity, Mr Vittorio Sacco, in his role of Endurance Overseas S.r.l. Health Safety and Environmental Manager, illustrated Endurance process of adopting a Multisite certified system following the sudden and inorganic growth of the European group.

Endurance efforts on this item have not only standardized EHS system as a whole, but have also made it possible to compare and share best practices within all Endurance’s plants, with a focus on prevention and continuous improvement.

The abovementioned process was accompanied by numerous activities aimed at supporting employees’ health and wellness, such as:

  • non-smoking campaign: through its non-smoking policy within the company’s premises, Endurance intends to create a smoke-free workplace, in order to protect individuals from passive smoking and from damages resulting from cigarette consumption. The non-smoking campaign has involved the imagination of many primary school children, as well as the employees’ children; the most beautiful drawings have received a special award.
  • adoption of a comprehensive health check-up programme in a specialized medical center for employees. The programme provides for haematochemical tests, anthropometric measurements and other medical examinations.
  • team building activities;
  • collaboration with High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) School from Brescia (Italy): the urgent need for generational change in the strategic technical and organisational roles of die-casting foundries, together with the need to fill the training gap in school and university courses, and the need to stimulate comparison between the world of production and design, have convinced AQM and CSMT (technological service centres) to create the first die-casting school in Italy.

Other interesting interventions have contributed to bring examples of system implementations in business contexts such as those of organizations such as Ferrero, Italfer and Consorzio Cepav Due.

IX Convegno Salute e Sicurezza

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