Endurance Overseas & Tumaini Children’s Home

Endurance Overseas through a donation in favor of the Tumaini Project on October 2018 avails himself of the collaboration with the O.S.V.I.C. (Sardinian Organization of Christian International Volunteers) to participate in the realization of the aims of Human promotion and solidarity that this Italian Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) implements in Kenya, for the benefit of human rights and the dignity of every person.

The Tumaini Children’s Home is a charitable nongovernmental Institution – legally recognised and registered under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services – located within Nanyuki town in the Rift Valley Province, Laikipia Country.

For a child to qualify for admission at Tumaini Children’s Home he/she must be or have the following where possible:

  • Must Be HIV (+)
  • Be totally orphan (without father and mother)
  • Be vulnerable and needy
  • Have a Birth Certificate or Clinical Card
  • Be between 4 years and 16 years of age

However, a home visit is usually done before admission of any vulnerable child to assess the condition and get the background information.

Tumaini programmes include also the exit in which Tumaini residents are integrated back to the community and support the children who have already exited in different years from the Institution, for their Education and other necessities, monitoring their progress and assisting them when and where necessary in their integration in the society.


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