Press Release

25th March 2020

Dear All

Due to the growing spread of the worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Italian Government passed a new stricter decree, with increasingly restrictive measures, in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Several Countries in the world have introduced exceptional measures of various kinds including mandatory restrictions on the mobility of people and other limitations (including the precautionary provisions recommended by the health authorities) having also an impact on the industrial activity. Therefore, the majority of our customers and suppliers have communicated the temporary suspension of their respective activities for the next weeks.

In this context we had timely and scrupulously applied the measures requested by the Government, then we were forced  to secure the plants and make the last shipments from Italy and from today up to 2nd April to suspend Italian operation activities, also in order to comply with the tougher provisions recently issued by Italian Government with the DPCM dated 22nd March 2020.

We will continue to monitor the evolution of the emergency situation, trusting to return to normal operations as soon as possible, at the same time we rely on your understanding and cooperation to achieve our common goals.

Thank you for your support, our team is always at your disposal in case of need or urgencies.

Endurance Overseas Management

Endurance GmbH
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