Merge communication – EFOA-EF: new legal entity ENDURANCE S.p.A.

Turin, October 8th 2018

Dear Sirs, please be informed that extraordinary shareholders’ meetings of Endurance Fondalmec S.p.A. -P.1 01729340016 – DUNS Number 428702815 – (“Endurance Fondalmec”) and Endurance FOA S.p.A. – P.I 01782370017 — DUNS number 429681810 – (“Endurance FOA”), held on 19th September 2018, have approved the project of merger by incorporation of Endurance Fondalmec into Endurance FOA and, therefore, it was deliberated, inter alia, to carry out the aforesaid merger.

As a consequence, Endurance Foa shall take over, of law, all activities, rights and actions and in debts, obligations and commitments of the incorporated company, without any exception. Also, we inform you that, since the effective date of the merger, the company name shall be changed into “Endurance S.p.A.”.

Save any provision within the merger project and the aforesaid shareholders’ meeting deliberation dated 19th September 2018, we inform you that we foresee that the merger will have effect, under art. 2504 bis of the Italian Civil Code, starting from 1st January 2019.

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