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Endurance Overseas takes account of the impact of its operations on the local community and seeks to ensure that potentially harmful occupational health and safety, environmental and social effects are properly assessed, addressed and monitored.

Leone Sinigaglia

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In 2017 Endurance Overseas has supported the Chivasso Musical Institute “Leone Sinigaglia” with 16 scholarship. The institute Leone Sinigaglia is in charge of musical education from childhood up to the profession, it also takes part to educational programs within the school world.







Endurance Fondalmec supports Fondazione Telethon which aim is to raising funds for excellent biomedical research, in order to find new cures for rare genetic diseases

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Marco Berry Onlus






The Onlus Marco Berry Magic for Children raises founds in order to sustains the construction of the pediatric hospital MOHAMED ADEN SHEIKH TEACHING HOSPITAL in Hargeisa, in the region of Somaliland.

Since 2013 FOA is supporting the Onlus buying one of the 53.334 brick needed to build the hospital.

“…Together we have the same aim the one to give life to initiatives with our professionalism, energy and enthusiasm in order to give to as many children as possible what they should have as a right: a smile…”







From 2013 Endurance Overseas supports the Mato Grosso Operation organized by the non-profit organisation O.A.S.I, whose aim is focused on working for and with young people, to give them the opportunity to grow and have a future.

“…We owe our children – the most vulnerable citizens in any society – a life free from violence and fear… Nelson Mandela”

Broto Onlus






“Broto” in Brazilian Portuguese means sprout, the little seed that bears the potentiality of something much bigger. It is, as well, a word with which friends or people in love address each other. Hence, the choice of the name; a broto is something very dear to us all, on which we employ a lot of resources, attention and love and, as the logo reminds us, from a small sprout, a big tree can grow.

This is what we wish upon ourselves and what we would like to wish upon those who we find along the way: that the little sprout that is growing can see us in action together in the great miracle that we all are performing.






UNICEF, United Nations Children’s Fund responds in emergencies to protect the rights of children.

Since 2008 Endurance Fondalmec buying Christmas Gifts Card supports Unicef Projects in 156 developing country

“…Il compito di un bambino è sognare, il nostro è di aiutarlo a realizzare i suoi sogni…”

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